Google and MySpace set sights on UK for mobile growth plans

A common language and strong mobile infrastructure means that the UK is becoming an attractive  for US web companies planning on expansion. The past week has seen two major announcements that illustrate this neatly.

First Google announces that London will a major focus for it in the coming months, as it looks specifically at mobile devices and services as a key part of the next phase of its expansion.

Now MySpace announces that its going to be promoting itself more heavily in Europe, beginning with the UK and will be looking at link-ups with "old media" and mobile operators.

Chris DeWolfe, MySpace's co-founder and chief executive said in an interview with the Financial Times that “the United States is so far behind in mobile technology that it may be not as important as it is here [Europe] or in Asia."

There are some fantastic innovators and players in the mobile space in the UK. Looks like the next couple of years are going to be very exciting for all of them.

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