Times blogger scolded by Taylor Herring

A contrite James Max (2005 Apprentice contestant and blogger/columnist for the Times) uses a rebuke from Taylor Herring, the PR agency for the current series of The Apprentice, as the hook a me-too interview with "bonkers" Jo Cameron, the scary blonde lady "sacked" a few weeks ago.

"Bad PR" is a great hook for a story, but it can also just be a fall-back for lazy journalism and the Times has literally billed this as "the story they didn't want you to read" - pure spin:

"James Max gets up close and personal with "Bonkers" Jo Cameron, in an interview The Apprentice's PR company did not want to see published."

Pot/Kettle, Kettle/Pot stuff. Or just plain misleading sell for a story - if a PR pitched a story as lightweight as that with such a spicy angle, they'd have a strip torn off 'em...

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