Daily Telegraph first UK paper to launch daily podcast: but why the rush?

The Daily Telegraph has stolen a march on its rivals by today launching a daily podcast.

It's a welcome surprise to see the Telegraph making this move. Although I did say last week that we should expect more print media brands to launch podcasts soon, I wasn't thinking of the Telegraph when I said it.

I've a hunch that they've rushed this out a little early: (a) I didn't see any trails about this happening or trade media talking about it, and (b) I can't find it on the hugely popular iTunes yet, where I subscribe to my podcasts.

That's not to detract from the boldness of launching the service, but it does make me think that maybe the Telegraph team got wind of the Times or - more likely, given its mastery of new media tricks - the Guardian.

You can subscribe to the podcast using whatever subscription service you like - for details have a look at the Daily Telegraph's podcast page here.

The service will start off with just three stories a day, but will give the paper a platform and a subscriber base that it can offer more content to as time goes by, as the home page says:

The Daily Telegraph podcast is a single audio download available each day, consisting of three key articles from the day's paper selected by the editor. However, look out for upcoming new and exclusive content.

What's your bet for the next paper or mag to launch a podcast? Answers in the comments box, please...