A Twitter for the soul: Moonrise - how do you feel?

Love this: Moonrise - how do you feel?


Where Twitter asks "what are you doing?", Moonrise wants to know how you feel.

When you tell it, it offers a selection of photos from Flickr with tags, titles or descriptions that match your stated mood. You choose one and it posts it on the site. You can set it up so it publishes to your blog or wherever you decide to point a feed...

It'll also try and hook you up with some videos and quotations in the same vein.

When I said I felt "hurty" yesterday it matched me up with this pic by Tristan C used as a tag for the pic...


I also liked seeing my colleague Simon's Friday afternoon feeling up there on the homepage:


Sometimes, especially if you are emotionally complex or overly wordy there are no photos that match your mood. So you try again, and it ends up like being a bit of a micro-haiku, a one or two word distillation of the mood you're in.

It's the work of Amit Koth who works with the Headshift team in London (check out their thoughts on the BBC Global Business podcast about social networking / media in business this week, by the way). This project is part of his Right Brain Solution work though, with some advice from Maz Hurdey.

Via Jim Byford - who is posting his moods to his blog...