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From the ashes of the macropocalypse?

200809220823.jpg Image: A vision of the macropocalypse?
The credit catastrophe that we're living through at the moment was not unforseen.

Apart from the level heads that pointed out the uncomplicated fundamentals that gave the lie to the complexity smoke-and-mirrors of the bankers (house prices won't go up forever, etc.), Umair Haque has been talking for a long time about the macropocalypse. In his latest scribbled post on his Bubblegeneration blog he says:

The real point is this. The time is now.

Now is the time for revolutionaries to step up and build something better, something more real, and something greater.

There will probably never - at least in our lifetimes - be an opportunity for total economic reinvention this tremendous.

Or this meaningful. Because that's what it's really about - not shareholder value, money, or "competitive advantage".

What are thinking about that's radical?

Why not now?

Boldness. Magic. Boldness. Magic.


We need to go back to basics and start selling things we make rather than buying & selling hot air.

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