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New yummy del.icio.us interface

Del.icio.us is one of those social media things I don't even think about anymore, it's so usefully, unnoticeably embedded in my life.

So it was a lovely surprise to see that for the first time ever - since I started using it a few years back - there's been some improvements to the interface.

Here's my del.icio.us page:


Looking forward to playing with it. But for my purposes, this morning, wanting to find something I had tagged it was immediately, incredibly easier to do so - with the search function making suggestions as I typed. Brilliant.

What's always puzzled me about del.icio.us is why Yahoo! hasn't done more with it since it bought it. As a tool, as a pool of collected pointers to interestingness, usefulness around the web it seems like it has so much potential.

Maybe there are some other things happening behind the scenes in parallel with the redesign. But I believe that when I see the evidence....

Meantime, check out the del.icio.us official blog's post on the relaunch.



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