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A shot of Haque: the next industrial revolution

Mr Haque has published the speech he would have given at this year's Supernova.

One of the gems takes Google's "organize the world's inormation" mission and applied it to other things that networks would be able to sort out better than firms and governments:

The next industrial revolution begins here. What happens when we think of using new DNA to reorganize structurally inefficient industries? A blueprint for the next industrial revolution emerges. Here’s what it looks like.

Organize the world's hunger.

Organize the world’s energy.

Organize the world’s thirst.

Organize the world's health.

Organize the world's freedom.

Organize the world's finance.

Organize the world's education.

Hope he gets to give that speech sometime - hope i get to hear it. Meantime, read the article and think about what you might want to take part in organising. In a final call to arms, Umair says:

If you're a startup, and your elevator pitch isn’t shaped by this blueprint; if you're an investor, and your portfolio isn't full of companies like this; if you’re a corporate boardroom, and you're not refocusing and restructuring to meet these new challenges – here’s the bottom line: the next industrial revolution has your name written all over it.


This is a fantastic and long-overdue discussion that Haque raises. What many of the internet-specific questions really get to is what should be the larger purpose of software. What human values should software embody, and how should developers then integrate those values into code?


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