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iPhone gaming (wow)

A few months ago someone showed me a game they had developed fro the iPhone. It was a simple spaceship shooter, but what was really amazing to me was the way they had used the device's motion sensors (the ones that flip the screen between portrait and landscape depending on how you're holding it) as its controls.

A few months on and SEGA's developers are showing what the machine can really so. They took just two weeks to create this incredible looking Super Monkey Ball game.

In a Cnet video (below) the producer describes the way the device exceeded their expectations thus:

"This is a full console game... if anything we underestimated what the machine could do. We had to fly in another artist to scale up the graphics..."

Check out the video here to see what he means. Prepare for a whole new generation of games fro this incredible device. Just as I thought when it came out, more fasicnating than the device itself will be the ecosystem of applications and services that grow up around it...

Via @shanerichmond and @martinstabe Tweeting from a windowless Telegraph Developers conference so I can blog it from my sunny garden in Hove... Cheers, chaps... :-)


Wow that game looks sweet. Why can't Verizon be hacked yet!?

Cool, this game really shows the power of the iphone.

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