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There Will Be Blood: To My Mind, The Greatest Film Ever Made


I'll wander off-topic for a moment, if I may to raise a cup of coffee (it's breakfast time on Monday, for goodness sake) to the cast and crew of the Greatest Movie Ever Made.

Last week I saw There Will Be Blood at Brighton's Duke of York's Cinema and it knocked me for six (US translation: out of the park). I spent the rest of the week intermittently debating whether it was the best film I'd ever seen. I have a canon - more or less - a top ten favourite films at least, so it had to displace one of them to get in.

By Saturday I'd decided it was in fact the best film I'd ever seen. I couldn't get it our of my head. Still can't.


Even more prestigious than Being Mayfield's Favourite Film, is of course winning at the Oscars.

And so, even though I've not really cared one way or another about them for a good while, I was delighted to see Daniel Day-Lewis win Best Actor for his part in There Will Be Blood and the ilm also picking up the Oscar for Best Cinematography (shudderingly beautiful).

If ever an actor's Oscar was earned, Daniel Day-Lewis's was: I've never seen anything quite like his performance. Still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up to think of it.

So if you haven't seen it yet and if you're in Brighton - get thee to The Duke of York's. If you're elsewhere find the best cinema nearby you can to see it. Incredible stuff: too good, too big, too brilliant to catch on a plane, on DVD or whatever...

Here's a scene from the movie that'll give you a sense of what I'm talking about, as least as far as Daniel Day-Lewis's performance goes...

Oh, and I'll be buying the soundtrack soon too - Jonny Greenwood created a score that's like plugging your cortex directly into the film's soul.
OK, that's enough: I'll go back to talking about the web, media and communications again. Thanks for indulging me...