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Tweet Scan: sweet Twitter search tool

After cooing over the @twitcrit idea and The Wire yesterday, I find (via Robin Hamman) an excellent search tool for Twitter called Tweet Scan.

So naturally I search for The Wire as a first test...

Jeff Jarvis will be pleased to see that there is one @twitcrit review on the first page. Interesting to look at the mix of comments about the show ranging from profane adoration to open pledges to buy or illegally download more of it... 


Have to say, that if you're working with an entertainment brand especially searching Twitter for reviews / mentions must be one of the best most instant ways of getting feedback...

: : Bonuslink: here's the Twitter reactions to last night's Panorama scarefest... I'll update my earlier post with this link too...

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"And just three days ago the potential of organised and engaged citizen journalism became clear. Contributors posting on Twitter provided an earlier picture of the Barack Obama victory in the Iowa caucuses than any professionally organised exit poll or data collection. The potential for this sort of journalistic enterprise is only just being realised."

From http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/theeditors/2008/01/value_of_citizen_journalism.html


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