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St Pancras: Longest geek bar in the world (well, UK train stations)


Traveling out of the new St Pancras train station on Eurostar this morning was so simple it was a pleasure (apart from the being there at 5 a.m. bit).

There's been a lot of talk in the media about the new station's champagne bar - reputedly the longest in Europe (like anyone was counting). Naturally, determined champagne lover though I am, it was a little early for me to be able to check that out.

However, I was hugely impressed by what has to be the first transport hub in the UK I've seen that's been designed for the needs of the laptop age, to wit a very, very long bar with stools and loads of power sockets in European and UK formats.

Hurrah for St Pancras!

I'd like to see airports and other large train stations adopting features like this, and maybe there will be an end to laptop users furtively scanning the skirting boards of waiting rooms and cafes desperate for a hit of sweet screen-brightening power.

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I wonder if you would consider being one of the early bloggers to take part here ... http://mencap.wordpress.com

We want 1000 bloggers to take part and I've sent this because you are based in the UK writing 'clean' material. Please give it some thought and let me now what you think. We've just started - 12 down, 989 to go!



Good point Anthony, but they are woeful on that other pre-requisite on an early morning: Coffee. I was there last week and the one Cafe Nero was absolutely swamped. The new cool public area 'must have list': Power supply, free wifi, caffeine.

I was there too early for the queue to be too much, but you're right about the need for good coffee, of course...

David (Mencap, rather than Brain): I'll get back to you on email. I have to say I'm strangely disappointed to be described as clean - I thought this was a racy sort of blog - but I guess you're right ;-)

I can not wait for the Leweb conference and the chance to use St. Pancras. So right about the sockets.

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