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Interviews with Daryl Willcox


Daryl Willcox, he of DWP and ResponseSource fame, interviewed me a little while ago for a new series of videos he's making interviewing people in communications about their ideas. 

Looks like I'm first up and two short videos have been posted up on the new DWP video section.

The first four-minuter I'm talking about whyI joined Spannerworks. Daryl describes it as an explanation of why I "ditched a successful PR career" which will worry my mother if she sees it: she'll think I've dropped out.

In the second video I'm banging on again about things PR people might like do take advantage of the digital revolution which ends with nice rallying call to arms for PR people to take over the marketing world, which perhaps acts as a nice counterpoint to my last post about evolution...

Cheers, Darryl! Looking forward to seeing who you speak to next.


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