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Deck the streets with illuminated networks

Walking through London last night I came across what I think was the immediate aftermath of the annual turning on of the Christmas lights in the West End. Various uniformed, hi-vis jacketed people were bustling about and some were enjoying the opportunity to use megaphones to tell people were to stand and walk.

Crossing Regent Street I looked up to behold a host of... well, call me obsessed, but what looked like the sort of 3D network graphs generated by maps of social networks, websites, blogs etc..

image image

I took quite a few pics and a video muttering to myself, "Well that's the Christmas card taken care of...".

image image image

Turns out it's a Nokia-sponsored effort:

The unique illuminations, entitled Unity, are sponsored by Nokia, to mark the imminent arrival to Regent Street of the Nokia flagship store. Designed to echo the modernity and variety of Regent Street, at the same time the lights this year will enhance its hallmarks; quality, heritage, style and success.

Got my attention, anyway... but network obsessed geeks are a pretty niche audience to go after with such a spectacular display but I'm sure a wider audience will just enjoy them for being pretty.


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As one of those network obsessed geeks (well, aspiring to be, at least) i am honored that I am being so expensively targeted. I will nip down there asap.

I'm not network obsessed geek but I have to admit that the decorations look good and the fact that they are in such a high profile location can't be bad for Nokia's brand reach.

Plus network obsessed geeks will blog about this stuff won't they? ;)

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