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Ah, iPod Touch, let me count the ways...

As you may have heard, the iPhone launched in the UK on Friday. If you're enchanted by the idea, or have one I recommend reading Stephen Fry's Guardian column. If you just wish Apple's genius would allow a little more openness, read John Naughton's effort from today's Observer. If you're a miserable sort, The Register will delight you with news that not very many people were queueing round the block on Friday night.

Meanwhile, I've fallen in gadget-love with iPhone's little sibling, the iPhone Touch. I got one early thanks to an extremely nice colleague who took advantage of the cheap-as-chips dollar to bring back an 8GB model from New York.

I'm not going to go into detail about the device - the last thing the world or the blogosphere needs right now is another iPod / iPhone review. Suffice to say, the most breathless accounts of its genius are completely right. It is pure joy to use, stunningly beautiful and practical in all sorts of amazing ways.

Suddenly the iPod classic feels clunky and old. Suddenly my mobile phone is not the go everywhere device it was - it plays second fiddle to the amazing, one-button iPod Touch. If you're wavering... buy one.

If I were in the market for a phone right now I'd even be thinking about lining up for an iPhone (I was previously slightly wary) - as it is I'll muddle by 'til then - goodness knows what Apple will have come up with by then.


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