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Man Bites Dog: not just a pretty name for a PR agency


`Kay, I'm back.

What a couple of weeks it has been, taking in, in no particular order a journey to the heart of the BBC's governance, two - count'em - sets of PR awards, the wanton destruction of my passport, baroque moments of madness, born-again Twittering, a romp through social media in the Swedish archipelago and falling deeply in love with a lump of plasma-based viewing technology.

Several of the above have inspired half-finished blog posts which I fully intend to become three-quarters-finished-but-published-anyway blog posts.

But on the business of the headline. Wednesday night I found myself at the PR Week awards, where I met arch-blogger and passionate commenter from Edelman David Brain (don't go changing, David) among others.

PR Week (password required, grr) had asked me to judge on the technology and broadcast categories this year, which was a far more interesting experience than I'd bargained for. Anyhow, imagine my surprise and delight when I found out that fellow Brightonians (Hove, actually) Man Bites Dog were nominated for New Consultancy of the Year - and then actually won the thing. At least half of MBD are former colleagues and so I was moved to whoop and do a small seated dance when they won, bless 'em).

The other highlight of the night was Mock The Week host Dara O'Briain, host of Mock the Week on the BBC.

Tragically I can't show you the brilliant dissection of PR's relationship with the media (highlight: "London Lite... that's just you lot isn't it? You just send yer stuff in and they print it.), but here's a taste of him talking about technology:

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