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iTouch yes, iPhone no...

Last Tuesday, I valiantly prevented a colleague from spending £150 in a US Apple shop on a new iTouch, the iPhone-like version of the iPod. But I could see why he was so tempted - I think I'd prefer one to an iPhone...


There was a telling moment in the live-blogging of the iPhone announcement when someone - Mike Butcher I think - picked up on a hint of frustration from O2 that the iTouch would also be launching in the run-up to Christmas. No, the iTouch is not a phone but it does a lot of what the iPhone does do - if you can get near a WiFi hotspot...

Meanwhile, Apple is "neutering" the iPhone, according to Gizmodo, following a firmware upgrade that is cutting out all of the third party applications that have been developed for it (prompting Gizmodo to downgrade its verdict on iPhone to a "Don't Buy").

I won't bore you with the technical detail, this illustration of an iPhone running all sorts of groovy third party apps and after the "upgrade" to the software from Apple.  


: : Meanwhile, Adriana resists the temptation of Apple by contemplating becoming "an accessory to a brand" - interesting take on things, as usual...

: : : And yes, the hints about a 3G iPhone being launched in Europe were wrong, althopugh I still don't believe Vodafone weren't interested in offering the iPhone because of this :-)

: : : : Lastly, see cheeky Nokia's campaign poking fun at the locked down iPhone (via Gizmodo again). 


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And did you see Fake Steve's response to the Nokia ads?


"Maybe you haven't heard about this but Rule Number One in advertising is that market leaders don't do ads comparing themselves to other companies. That's what underdogs do."

Heh heh - very good, especially the oblique reference to the Mac vs. PC ads...

The ironic thing about the last photo about Nokia is that thier own phones are locked in to thier own operating system. Hopefully the Google will help out with their Android.



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