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Dee-dee-dee-dee-dee-dee! The Archers is now out as a podcast


Sunday is podcast day for me. I recharge my iPod at the Mayfield home PC with a stock of podcasts for listening to on planes, trains and most of all the annoying bits in between. And today I'll be delighted to add the first soap to the list, for...

...The Archers is going to be podcast by the BBC at last - hurrah. I developed my latest addiction to the rural radio soap when doing my unfeasibly driving commute a while back. Now I can right back to being quietly obsessed by the goings on in Ambridge*.

: : Am now totally convinced of the value of owning an iPod Touch for just having a WiFi tablet about the place. Last piece of self-persuasion came in the form of thumb ache from working through Google Reader feeds on my HTC phone.

One of them touch screen iPods should do the trick nicely - though at US prices to avoid "Brit tax" from Mr Jobs. Basically you can save £60 on the higher spec model by buying in the US.

* Strangely delighted by the fact that Ambridge has a Wikipedia entry of its own.

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Nice one. It never fails to amaze me how many people listen to the Archers. Listeners turn up in the most random of places.

Hooray.. trip to the Apple store for us then on next visit to US in a couple of weeks. Any of your readers want to buy a 60 gig g5 video iPod?

I think you're missing a "dee" in your title! ;-)

I'm signed up. Now if they could just package up Eastenders and Corrie for me too, I'd be a happy bunny. Ooh, and the Shipping Forecast . . . just the most comforting thing to listen to in the world ever.

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