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Sarin grapes about the iPhone

Arun Sarin, CEO of Vodafone brushes off questions about the iPhone in today's Sunday Times by saying he'd only be interested in a 3G version:

“It is a 2G phone, not 3G. When it’s a broadband phone we will be interested in carrying it.”

Who's he kidding?

Besides, if rumours and a leaked advert from T-mobile Germany are to believed (I'm not attempting to draw moral equivalency there by the way) then a 3G version is exactly what will launch in Europe anyhow...


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so you are going by a leaked advert as opposed to seeing the device? Nice!!!

I'm keeping an open mind: hence the qualifying "if" before "believed"...

Are you saying it's not true then, Mr In The Know - I can tell you want to say more... Go on! I keep IP addresses of commenters strictly confidential...

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