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Dell's perfect (Idea)storm and being an early un-adopter


So Jeff "Dell Hell" Jarvis has been to Dell to interview the big guy himself "bringing my blogging saga full circle". Looking forward to reading the article and watching the videos when they're ready.

I've written before about just how inspiring I've found the Dell embrace of social media formats. For further evidence, check out this summary of conversations on the Ideastorm website, a social space where Dell talks with its customers about things they would like to see, from green stuff (carbon neutrality) to geekery (Linux on laptops), customer service to new product features people have been saying loud and clear what they want.

One that's close to my own heart is the fact that Dell listened to pleas not to make Vista compulsory on new machines. I think the monolithic Dell of yore, focused purely on costs and deals with Microsoft may not have done this.

I had Vista installed on my pretty well spec'd Dell and was so frustrated I begged for a downgrade, which I guess makes me an early un-adopter...


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As a member of Dell's digital media team, it's always good to get positive feedback on our efforts from a peer professional. Frankly, there is so much that can be done. Crowdsourcing, as evidenced by IdeaStorm, is integral to our social media strategy -- not to mention it helps us view the world through the eyes of our customers.

A lot of people have been displeased with Vista and Microsoft but also with Dell in the past year, but both have been getting good and bad reviews. In the case of Microsoft, I think it can be said – to be fair – that while the company may have released their product too soon before it was entirely usable, they still have been making some effort to update loyal users on patches and other useful items (I’ll admit, I too have been reluctant to adopt the new product though, despite such efforts). With Dell, their partner program and lack of information about it has caused some mumbling in the technology providers’ community. But the fact that Dell has re-envisioned their business plan and continues – however slowly – to progress forward with different relationships and offers is still notable.

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