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Fancy a social media job by the sea?


Just one more thing about work: we're hiring at Spannerworks on the social media and editorial teams, known here collectively as Content & Media .

Basically, if you are reading this and are a PR, researcher, journalist or online marketer who is at least semi-obsessed with social media and want to focus on it as part of your job - give us a shout.

You can see more detail on the roles that are open, take a look at the jobs section on the Spannerworks website.

For now the jobs are in Brighton, although if you can't stand the idea of leaving London, that might work too... soon.


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I'd be very interested. Just back from PR volunteer work overseas. I'm a long time blogger. 16 years in media split between being a journo and a pr.

But, for the record, we don't all live in London and there is a PR industry (and thus PRs) further North.

For the record, I'm job chasing in Newcastle upon Tyne.

That would be a hell of a commute to Brighton, but point noted. Especially as I don't live in London.

How about Plymouth? It is by the sea...

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