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Maps of Brighton are so hot right now


Ah, it's been a while since I've posted some gorgeous data visualisations from the likes of data_mining and information aesthetics - but there's an excellent new map usage thingie from Microsoft that gives me just the excuse.

HotMap from Microsoft Research shows a "heat map" of where people are using maps the most. You can read more at Danyel Fisher's blog or just have fun playing with the maps and coming up with wild theories about where and why people are using mapping data....

Interesting to see that as far as Microsoft maps are concerned the UK is by far the "hottest" part of Europe. Wonder what a similar map for Google Maps data would look like?



And by adjusting the "data level" you can take a look at really quite specific local areas. Here's one of my home city of Brighton & Hove. You can see the map usage is more intense in the middle of the towns and along roads, naturally. Nothing earth shattering in that analysis I appreciate, but I like it nonetheless...


Actually a weird strip of sea below Peacehaven seems to be very popular - either that's an error or there are plans to build a very large pier down there...

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Phew! When I first saw that map I thought it was an indication of the effects of global warming! I'm glad to be wrong. At least in Brighton you'd have the sea to cool you down, here in the Midlands we would just frazzle.

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