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Cool custom aggregation makes a useful PR technique

By sharing their reading of the Word of Mouth industry news stories and blog posts for its client BzzAgent, Todd Deffren's SHIFT Communications turn their monitoring into a content generation exercise...


...and the aggregated content, the list of links on del.icio.us is  of course very useful to any journalist or blogger with an interest in WoM.

What an elegant and simple idea. Naturally, they can add a feed to the BzzAgent website too if they wanted to create a mini-industry news section.

Read all about how they do it on PR-Squared - fine blog indeed and full of stuff for anyone thinking about online marketing and comms...


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Anthony - the last time they updated BuzzAgent's feed was on Nov 13th last year...

Anthony's right that it's a cool, useful idea - and of course Robin is right that it's not been updated. Perhaps not coincidentally, BzzAgent is no longer a client. We were doing the Research and Saving; they were Commenting. Without our arms-and-legs to do the research, they probably found this exercise too time consuming.

Thanks for your comments, guys - despite the ex-clienty nature of it all I ust love the idea.

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