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Bebo opens up... "for the greater good"


I see that Bebo's going to follow the Facebook example and open up... any closed networks left?

According the Telegraph:

Chief executive Michael Birch signalled the move at the dotcom networking event Second Chance Tuesday. "It's a positive direction for social networking and I think you'll certainly see more and more of it across other social networks," he said.

"Obviously in social networks there's this conflicting thing of control, of being a closed network and us making all the money, and then opening up to the greater good of the social network.

Why do the two have to be mutually exclusive? And isn't the "greater good of the social network" the reason that it will continue to possibly survive and therefore there's an opportunity for Bebo to make any money at all?

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Check out this new social networking site called www.facebuddies.com , It seems pretty good, Users can upload their own movies and mp3's . Not many constraints on this site which is good as it gives the user total freedom, Oh and the games are good also!!

hello i was wondering why is it when i try to open up the bebo homepage to sign in it says that the network is to busy please do something about this problem.

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