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Zopa-a-like peer-to-peer loans on Facebook

The Facebook as a platform thing has only been going a very short while but already we're seeing people taking the opportunity to innovate in all sorts of directions.

One application which caught my eye was the Lending Club, a US -only service aimed at building a community of people to lend one another money. Sounds like the Zopa concept (eBay-for-loans).

Come to think of it it can only be a matter of time before some Zopa gadgets for Facebook start appearing...

You can find out more about LendingClub at its off-Facebook blog...


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looks good - I also liked what Prosper has on facebook - an interesting game that I may play as well (prosper is the first peer to peer lending marketplace - i think it is a different model - on prosper individuals ask for a loan and lenders bid on each loan)

Thank you for covering our new company - Lending Club.


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