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What do information specialists need to read about social media?

This week I have the pleasure of speaking about social media to some information specialists at an SLA Europe event in London. In attendance will be a mix of librarians, researchers and academics.

I've been putting together some suggestions and links for further reading to help anyone who's interested in finding out more. Given that I'm more expert on the external brand communications than enterprise 2.0, I wondered if any readers of this blog might have suggestions?

So far my list consists of my personal favourites (and an obvious plug):

What is social media?Spannerworks

Social Computing – Forrester, February 2006

My Business Bits Euan Semple

All suggestions very gratefully received...


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Look forward to a post about this!

David: thanks, that's very useful indeed. I'll be sure to reference it.

Charles: do you mean a post about the presentation?

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