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Why the Paris Metro is better than the tube...

Oh yes it is, it is, it is... especially when this happens. 

 So good I temporarily suspended my londstanding hostilities with Phil Collins' body of work...

Via Johnnie Moore - by way of his counterpoint to the "bloggers code" nonsense...

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I've been taking it upon myself to viralise, spread, promote, advertise, and generally rant about this video for weeks now - the guys are called 'Naturally 7' and I think everyone who's watched them spread sonorous joy on one of the most miserable places on earth, deserves to at least sponsor their talents with a link Mr Mayfield:


Everyone I've shown it to is blown away and has similarly suspended their hatred for 'big Phil' - watch out for the arrogant Parisian gent who keeps headphones in and back firmly turned throughout the performance, and a stellar bout of nodding and 'ooh-ooh-ing' from a smiley, crazy lady.

And to anyone unimpressed...no really...I challenge you to get a smile or nod on the metro/tube, let alone an appreciative, instant and now global audience. Musically blessed marketing genii for the C.21st.

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