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"The B in blog stands for boring"

Went on Radio 5 Live's "Wake Up to Money" very early this morning to talk blogs with Mickey Clark and Andy Verity ahead of today's Blogging4Business.

It all went rather well I thought but the listener feedback that came through on text straight away afterwards was a bit deflating. Two text messages were read out as I finished my interview:

"Blogging is for egomaniacs" was the gist of the first one.

Ouch. Then the second...

"The b in blog stands for boring, Mickey..."


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Egomaniacs? Bloggers?

Don't they know who I am?

Boring? Bloggers?

Oh I received seven inbound links this morning.


Is it up online yet?

Ha ha - excellent, Stephen...

Not sure when it will be online - this morning I would imagine as it is podcast daily...

Once upon a time you could walk out of a radio studio feeling good about an interview - whilst your mum and other friends would tell you how marvellously you did. Now, you get instant feedback...

Head down, press on. We all know we're changing the world :) Aren't we?


Ooops am I allowed to say that under the blogging code of ethics?


I'm expecting Euan to be arrested by the Blog Thought Police any second…

I helped launch the Pods and Blogs programme on 5Live, and for the first few, texts like these were a pretty constant refrain.

I wonder how many of these text messages are simply misquoting journalists in their views about blogs. ;)

Or directly quoting :-)

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