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Telegraph talks of protecting news from Google

Reading a speech on behalf of Telegraph Group CEO Murdoch Maclellan, the Telegraph's editor Will Lewis made some interesting comments about Google to at the 6th Newsroom Congress:

"Our ability to protect [news] content is under consistent attack from those such as Google and Yahoo who wish to access it for free.

"These companies are seeking to build a business model on the back of our own investment without recognition. All media companies need to be on guard for this.

"Success in the digital age, as we have seen in our own company, is going to require massive investment - [this needs] effective legal protection for our content, in such a way that allows us to invest for the future."

I wonder what the agenda here is...

Via journalism.co.uk

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Not sure what the agenda is, but I think the DT will suffer death by a thousand empty search results if it fails to see where the web is going both technically and in a human sense.

Sounds like someone's been drinking the same Kool-Aid Sam Zeller has. What on earth is this man talking about? I had the Telegraph down as slightly more savvy than this, what with Shane Richmond around...

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