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Silver surfer spat closes down top UK social network's forum

While our hoodie-obsessed UK tabloid media love nothing more than to attach the word MySpace (hell, "web" will do just as well) to run-of-the-mill stories of untamed youth running amok, we should remember that even da yoot doesn't have a monopoly on online misbehaviour...

50 Connect, a portal for the over 50s (strapline: "live life to the full") was listed by Hitwise earlier this year as one of the top 20 social network sites in the UK, with about 55,000 members of  its forums last time I checked.

When I visisted the site this morning the forums were closed and an intriguing statement was posted there:

"Due to some problems between some regular posters we have decided to remove the boards for the time being. "

Thing about a message like that is it begs you to want to find out more. Does anyone have the low-down on what happened?

I hope they have their forums back up and running soon. Shutting the whole thing down must be irritating for the thousands of members who weren't causing problems...


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I know you're getting on, Antony. But can you explain how you came to find this story?

(Thanks for the forum plug, btw, much appreciated).

I like the articles.


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