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Second Life brands map

I saw this a few days ago but couldn't get a proper picture of the map. Now, thanks to Techscape, I give you: a map of brands in Second Life...


The map's been put together by a helpful UK advertising consultancy K-zero, which is also offering marketing safaris in the virtual world. Nice idea: but don't forget - some of the avatars bite...

I don't think this is comprehensive - I don't see Nokia there, for instance - but it does give you a sense of the number of brands playing there. Given an afternoon to idle away in SL it would be interesting to do a spot check and see how many of the 5 million registered Second Life participants are at any of the given locations...

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I posted this yesterday http://nicspic2608.wordpress.com/2007/04/02/second-life-brand-map/ making the same comment that it's not all there. But then K-zero pointed me to the latest version which is much more comprehensive:


Though still no sign of Nokia...

It's amazing how many companies are experimenting with Second Life, I really hope for the industry's sake as a whole they don't get their fingers burnt to badly.

As a branding exercise for the big company I can def see how they might get good value compared to their some of their other branding efforts, but I still think it's quite brave, if it's clever I'm still not sure.

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