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Inspiring posts about the future of journalism

The best thing about the open networks of the online world and of reading and writing blogs it the incredible access to ideas from bright people that  you get.

My RSS habit started off with mainly reading blogs about PR and marketing, but the real excitement for me has been learning from people's thinking and innovation in other fields.  On my reading list now are blogs by artists, educators, political hacks, economists and business thinkers.

And every time they look at the changes happening in their field it's a short intellectual hop to apply their insights to my own field. Beats getting stuck in a rut...

Particularly inspiring to me is journalism, where a lot of the changes that the new web is bringing can be seen most starkly and where a fierce debate about the future of the profession and the media industry as a whole is taking place.

There's a sense that the leading thinkers here are done talking about things are changing and are charging ahead with reinvention.

Here are some links to posts that have really got me thinking in just the last couple of days:


  • And one more from Jeff Jarvis - his slides and notes on the future of journalism form a speech tot he University of Texas - which starts with a blaze of optimism and ascends into an analysis of the opportunities and tools that the profession has to choose from.

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I'm glad that post sparked some thinking, but I'll give attribution where attribution is due. The "Change or Die" line comes from Tim Porter and Michele McLellan's new book looking at the changes news management and staff must make to succeed. I'm putting it on my Amazon wishlist.

It's great to see not only grim projections about newspapers' future but also real projects that are working. The future is here. It's ours for the making.

I find that exciting too, I know the journalists I have spoken to, and as the Guido/Michael White episode demonstrated, there is a huge chasm between blogging and journalists and how they perceive each other.

I look forward to seeing you at the conference tomorrow.

Hurrah! Look forward to seeing you too Ellee...

Great points about looking at developments and innovations in other industries to inspire yours. I couldn't agree more, and find the blogsphrere a fascinating place where anyone who puts his mind to it can be exposed to countless topics. Nice blog, btw. I will certainly return.

Thanks, Lola - very kind of you to say so. :-)

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