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I'm hiding out in a log cabin for a few days by way of a holiday with my family. Back early next week and no blogging 'til then, I fear... 

But I've got up early - so unlike me - to leave you with you with one last post before I go... 

I urge you to check out the delights of the Charity Shop DJ, which Jim Byford wrote about:

Andy Jupp has been capturing the magical moments when people, famous and not-so-famous, find a vinyl treasure in a charity shop.  He’s also been DJing in charity shops since 2001.

The latest episode for a wonderful project to unearth a slice of cultural history takes the form of the Charity Shop DJ Picture Show at the Boris Baggs Gallery, Paddington, London between 26 April and 5 May.

Have a look through the gallery of people with their favourite vinylthat they've rescued from charity shops - such pride, such delight! Very human, intimate images - I love it.


What vintage album would you like to find and be photographed with?

Me - I'd quite like to get a copy of Hunky Dory by David Bowie which I inherited from my parents but lost  years ago.

See you next week...

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