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The white heat of BBC Innovation Labs

Another round of the BBC Innovation Labs is in full swing at the moment. If you're interested in innovation and haven't heard of it you definitely go and take a look - the participants are blogging about their experience on the website.

The idea of the BBC's new media team is to go and set up a temporary hothouse in one region of the UK at a time and get a bunch of the independent web agencies and developers (small shops that wouldn't often get near a tender for a major media brand's online contract) in to talk about their ideas around a number of briefs for things like mobile services and interactive news.

The Beeb's boffins work with them to help them get together a proposal and then at the end of the few days prep they pitch their ideas and some get commissioned.

It's a great approach and complementary to the BBC Backstage which opens up its APIs for people to create mashups and whatnot (e.g.Martin Kamera's TV-Twitter appp).


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