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New Statesman New Media Awards 2007 (fit as a Butcher's blog)

I like the way that the New Statesman is pulling together its New Media Awards this year: in public.

Some industry awards are highly suspect in their businesses models and who they go to. Reader awards are a little better, but how refreshing to see the nominations process happen and be discussed in public.

Could make the awards more meaningful and certainly more hard-won than those selected behind closed doors.  

Mike Butcher (of Vecosys) is blogging the awards process - to add a human voice at the centre of the exercise I guess (good idea). According to his first post you can nominate and debate nominees for the following:

This year's categories are:

  • Contribution to civic society
  • Modernising government
  • Elected representative
  • Education
  • Information and openness
  • Advocacy
  • Young innovator

Our judges will be looking for evidence that new technologies have been applied in a creative manner to the benefit of others. So please click on this link and get nominating.

I imagine sooner or later Guido Fawkes will be inciting a riot in the comments sections but sabs aside, best of luck to New Statesman...

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Much more likely that no one will care.

Oh, I'm sure someone will...

I'm not too sure... GF asked a rather naff question at the George Osbourne event on Thursday and I didn't realise it was him till someone pointed him out!

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