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More public sector innovation and the new web

While we're on the subject of innovative services in the public sector, Charles Leadbetter discusses on his blog a project to "explore the potential for public services to be designed to elicit user participation and contributions".

He also points to his Public Services 2.0 essay, co-written with Hilary Cottam which looks great.

From my experience of the public sector this will be even more of a challenge than in most companies. Hierarchy, bureaucracy and risk aversion are characteristics of many public sector organisations - but there will be brave people who seize the opportunities that the tools of the new web and the growing momentum of evidence of their  popularity and potential to effect change.

Good luck to you all, wherever you are... 

Via Sacred Facts.


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I would say I have to agree... but was interested to hear Mark O'Neill from the DCMS say at the RSA event last week that Whitehall could be more responsive than lumbering multi-nationals.

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