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Mirror blogs quietly

The Daily Mirror started some 16 blogs last year, apparently. They look pretty good, features-wise, with all the proper comments, bookmarks and tag-cloud features you'd expect from a modern newspaper blog...

As Martin Stabe puts it "Whoa. When did this happen?" Certainly it passed me by... and not surprisingly given their low profile. No links that I could see on the front page of the website...

Shame the Independent, from the same Trinity Mirror stable can't innovate in this way... Charles Arthur gives them a well earned roasting on his blog.

I gave the Independent's  Travel section a very low score when I reviewed it for the current issue of Travelution (here's a link to the electronic edition). The attitude of the Independent to social media is one Charles rightly compares to King Canute. It's almost scornful of social media.


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Quick fact check: The Indy is not owned by Trinity Mirror. It's owned by Independent News and Media plc.

Cheers, Martin...

Let me guess: The Mirror doesn't link outward to other media sources (including blogs), right?

A quick scan of the most recent posts suggests you are... RIGHT!

Some articles - I mean posts - don't bother to link to anything at all. One manages to link to soem blog posts the journalist has written previously.

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