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Davos Conversation


Jeff Jarvis is blogging on a new project: Davos Conversation, which is all about opening the discussions that happen among the uber-powerful at the annual World Economic Forum meet-up to the rest of the world:

The WEF annual meeting has been a closed session for the world’s machers: an exclusive list of 2,000-plus heads of state and of corporations. But they have been quite serious about opening up the conversation into and out of Davos. Indeed, the theme of this year’s confab is about the shifting power equation and the tools used for the Davos Conversation page are very much a catalyst of that change. This is how I got involved in this, advising on the project and blogging there. I hope some substantive conversations begin here. We’ll see.

What a brilliant, fascinating project: it's a really intelligent way of using social media to add to discussion of issues on a massive scale. I've made it my home page for the duration and will be watching progress of the project with much interest.


Mr Jarvis is asking for people to upload their comments on the issues being discussed at their conference to YouTube with the tag davos07. There's not much up there so far 4 vids and a smattering of blog posts, so I guess the challenge will be to connect with the various communities out there with something to contribute to the debates at Davos.


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