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2007's certainties for social media

I'm not in the predictions game. But I agree with Danah Boyd's assessment that if you're looking for an analysis of what's coming up in 2007 for social networks a good place to start would be Fred Stutzman's thoughts at Unit Structures.

My certainties for 2007 and social media and online media in general's 2007 are more of everything: complexity, change, rapid evolution, and  a lot of hot air around it (hopefully not too much emanating from this blog). What will all of this mean for the media, brands and marketing? Well denial, faking it, opportunities, heroic experiements, brave failures, and depending on the attitudes undertaken slow decline or rapid ascendancy.

Last word to Ms Boyd:  

Social network sites as we know it are not the end-all-be-all. They will fade and other services will recognize the value in adding social features to their site. Social network structures will become as ubiquitous as search or profiles....

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