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Vive Les Blogs 3!

Very much looking forward to Les Blogs (or Le Web 3) in Paris over the next couple of days.

I know this is going to be one of those conferences where everyone's eyes will be on their laptops rather than the stage and half the action will be on IM and on messageboards.

Being a contrarian by nature I've therefore been considering (a) only taking part in the conference from my hotel room down the street by reading all the live blogs of the sessions and popping up there for the breaks, or (b) ostentatiously not using a laptop, and writing notes in an old exercise book while asking my neighbours every few minutes if there is anything interesting happening "in cyberspace".

Or just getting into to trouble as usual by hanging out at Mr Delaney's blog's comment section and getting misunderstood by speakers and their virtual minders, like what happened at Online Information the other week.

If you're out there, give me a shout. I'll be the one typing up my longhand notes in the breaks and calling the copydesk back at Spannerworks to dictate my blog post for the day ;-)

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Well, I'm taking this one step further and staying at home. All the real action happens in the back-channel anyway.

Bon voyage!

Well, I'm settled into my hotel room and looking forward to it all. Hope to catch you around tomorrow.

I'm going to rebel and stay home too. And long live the book and the pen. Do it like this...


Looks like with the wifi issues reported by Ewan McIntosh everyone might be better with a notepad and pen!


Having attended last year's I can say it is one of the only events in France where the Brits need not feel sartorially challenged (a geek is always a geek even when they are Le geek)so no need to hide in your room mate.

It's worthwhile saying that the human interaction with some very interesting people was the icing on the cake at similar conferences that I've attended, the content was really great, but you can't beat a good old chin wag with like minded geeks, or a good laugh over a cup of real (not virtual) coffee.

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