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Social Planet

Mad busy at the moment - so posting has been ashamedly sparse... I can't let today pass though without recording two marks of what an incredible year it has been for blogs, social media and the whole participative digital media thing generally...

First off, as you may well have heard Time magazine has named "You" - referring to everyone who has used the internet - as its Person of the Year. Recent People of the Year have included George Bush and Bono but hopefully "You" won't feel at all slighted by that. It's an honour. Really.


Meanwhile Google has published its 2006 "Zeitgeist" - a list of the most searched for words of the year (thanks, Dan!). You'll notice that of the top ten global searches on Google.com, seven (possibly eight) are social media-related...


Dan also pointed out to me that the number two most searched for definition was "Web 2.0". Hopefully we can put that query to bed in 2007... :-)



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