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Five things meme

Ye gods, this five things meme is everywhere - and I've been tapped by both Euan Semple and Ian Delaney.

Here's five things, then, that you probably don't know about me:

1. I have the first draft of a novella I wrote over ten years ago in a box in the attic. It's staying there.

2. When I was seventeen I closed down the back office systems of 15 stockbrokers for an afternoon when I set off a halon gas fire extinguisher system in a particularly important computer room.

3. I was named after the patron saint of lost objects as part of a deal done my Mother with the aforementioned saint in return for her  finding a lost maths book when she was a  girl.

4. Blogging cured my addiction to Rome: Total War, but I live in fear of the next generation of that game being released.

5. Even though I am a father in my mid-30s and don't go to clubs any more I still like ear-bleedingly fast drum and bass, which I now only listen to on Pandora at my desk at work, especially when I am writing.

And if I've had to do it I also have to pass it on. The "lucky" five are Tom Hopkins, Lloyd and Wendy (who blog and therefore count as one) at Liberate Media, Nilhan JayasingheAdam Tinworth and Heather Hopkins (with graphs for each thing we don't know please, Heather ;-)).

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Thanks Antony and Merry Christmas!

come on, Heather - your people are waiting :-)

Drum and Bass!?! Definitely a southern thing!

Antony, Tom - Getting on it now. This is a nice way to ease back into the data after three weeks in paradise!

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