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BrownBuzz: Some day even the famous are just yesterday's YouTube

What is it about Christmas and the popping of celebrity clogs?

This week we bid farewell to legendary soul man, James Brown, not nearly as famous for his anarchic behaviour as his amazing musical talent, but a lesser musician could have made a career out of that misbehaviour alone...

Mr Brown took up 50% of the Viral Video Chart yesterday, today he's down to just 3 out of the top ten videos.  By New Year he'll be gone. A reminder to us all that even the most famous are just yesterday's YouTube buzz.

Despite his very nasty side - he was convicted of domestic abuse and was reputedly a tyrant to work for - he was a genius. I won't say a flawed one, because I haven't seen unflawed genius yet.

Funny that Gerald Ford's not got a look-in on the charts yet - but hen his oratory is very much an acquired taste, I guess.

Anyhow, in the hope of keeping James Brown in the YouTube charts for a day or so more, here's one of his many finest hours - no not the time he turned up at a business conference in the hotel where he had an office with a shotgun demanding to know who had used his personal toilet - it's his performance of Sex Machine...

Round of applause for the audience on that one too...

: : Incidentally, a couple of the memetrackers, Tailrank and Megite have added "most buzzy" lists of online videos to their services as well now. Which is nice. Via data_mining.

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