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Blogs wait for no man...

I'm behind with my blog reading. I won't say it again ever. Because being behind with your blog reading is just how it is always goign to be... I'll accept and move on.

Reminds me of a bizarre moment at  when the facilitator of a session at Le Web 3 made eveyone stand up and then sit down if you only read one blog day. Then two. Then ten. Then fifty. Then a hundred.

"We're moving into unemployed territory now," he quipped - which being slightly irritated by the way things were going there anyhow, made me feel like giving him the one-fingered "Sarkozy Salute"... I was still standing, because, you know, some days I skim more than a hundred on my aggregator, some days - like this week: none. But I am very, very employed indeed.

Any how, all these blogs tend to crowd out what time used to go reading trade media of one kind or another, but now Ian Delaney's bagged the job at New Media Knowledge, things are bound to be looking interesting at that website next year.

In the new new media trade news side of things, Ian (and also the brilliant Liberate Media blog) also notes today that ex-Crunchies Mike Butcher (also former ed of NMA) and Sam Sethi have moved shop to Vecosys.

BTW check out this brilliant Le Web 3 in Pictures from Tech Paparazzi (also via Liberate Media):



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