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All the Second Life stats you can eat...

First of a few posts based on notes from Le Web 3...

Photo by Feuillu

Glen Fisher, Marketing Director at Second Life had a hard time of it accessing the virtual world via Le Web 3's broadbnd connection - someone should have warned him ;-) - but he gave good value when it came to statistics. Here's some that I noted:

  • 900 events are organised and held by users every day
  • 43% of Second Life members are women
  • The median age is 32
  • 55% of users are outside of the US
  • It's projectyed that for the whole of 2006 US $84 million of transactions will hve taken place in the world
  • There are 7,000 businesses in the world
  • The top ten businesses average a gross of US $25,000 and the top 100 US $ 6,300
  • The top three areas of the Second Life economy are:
    • Property
    • Casinos and clubs
    • Fashion
  • There are 95 square miles of virtual land in play at the moment.  
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