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YouTube's mysterious successor?: DailyMotion.com

Forbes is reporting that YouTube's copyright purges are driving clips from TV shows and movies to a new, Paris-based rival called DailyMotion. It says the site's owners could not be reached for comment and that the site exists without visible means of support (but then YouTube never really did either)...

DailyMotion, based in Paris, displays no advertisements and has no apparent source of revenue. Its executives couldn't be reached for comment, and its business model remains a mystery. But if the site's goal is to build a large audience before seeking profit, it's starting to succeed. Its market share, though a tiny 0.22% compared to YouTube's 65%, has increased 300% in the past three months, according to researchers at the Web analysis firm Hitwise. DailyMotion recently claimed its millionth registered user, and according to analysts at ComScore Media Metrix, the site had 7.6 million unique visitors in September.

According to Wikipedia, there's about 9,000 uploads to the service daily and allows a large size of file to be uploaded (150MB, 50MB bigger than YouTube).

Apparently there's a "mini-industry" of portals that help people find all their favourite content illicitly hosted on DailyMotion and other sites.

Be interesting to see if the service benefits further from the mainstreaming/legitimising of YouTube...


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dailymotion was created before youtube

dailymotion was created before youtube

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