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More photo sites than you can shake a cameraphone at...

Nice piece by Vic Keegan in the Guardian today on photo-sharing websites. He begins by musing:

It is difficult to know these days whether the internet is re-inventing photography or vice versa. The convergence of cheap digital cameras, affordable computers and low-cost access to the internet has made photography vastly more popular than it has ever been and transformed it from a personal to a community experience. People can now post snaps on the internet so that any web-enabled person in the world can share the experience and often build a new relationship around a shared interest.

It is interesting how photography is becoming universal, not just as art or recording of moments but also a form of communication and expression.

Mr Keegan points to some good sites that are worth checking out (me - I'm staying with Flickr - it's great...)...

Fotolibra - put your pics in a stock photo collection that people can buy.

Zooomr - nice sharing / sorting site including a facility to tag your photos with geographical locations and put them on a map - sweet.

Woophy - put you and your pics on the world map.

Geograph - a project to photograph every square inch of the UK.

: : Here're a couple of efforts from my Nokia 6280 which I took on my cycle to work this morning. It's always a good commute along the beachfront, even when the weather's not so great - but on days like today it's just spectacular...



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