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ZDnet.co.uk rejects "print think" in social media-style makeover

I note with pride that I've managed not to go for a "ZD 2.0" themed headline, but nonetheless Web 2.0 is very much the flavour of the all new ZDnet.co.uk website.

I have to say, first impressions it looks great. The old site was still very useful for reviews and downloads but I had been thinking for a while that it was looking tired.

Liberate Media have an interview scoop (that's what you get from PR companies run buy journos with blogs at their disposal - talk about blurring genres!) interview with ZD site editor, Matt Loney,  who says:

"...we wanted to move away from what I call 'print think' - the practice of simply posting article after article on the Web.... We've put a lot of thought into search with our redesign, because in addition to encouraging user generated content, we want to give readers a way to discover each other based on the content they and their peers are creating as much a on who knows whom."

Worth reading the rest of the interview at Liberate Media. ZD is definitely looking at this as an opportunity to work with their community, not just broadcast / sell content to them in a new way, or tap up its readers for some free contributions and call it user generated content content.

I've signed up for the all-new Zdnet.co.uk and once you're in you get natty little dashboard which includes a "site activity rating" - I guess that translates as how useful I'm being to the ZD community - interesting...

: : BTW - there's a very weird opinion piece from Vint Cerf on the front page, by the way. While it must have seemed like  a great idea in the editorial planning meeting to have such a luminary contribute a piece for the first new look day of the website, I expect they were hoping he would say something more interesting than just "The web, eh? Wow! I bet we even use it when we get to Mars... Aw'some."

But I'm probably just being cruel - ignore me... Oh you are. :-)


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Hey Antony, glad you like it!

Yes, we're trying think a bit different, and all feedback is welcome, including criticism - good and bad - of content. It is a pretty big redesign so it's gonig to take a while to settle in and for all the bugs to get ironed out, but as that happens we'll be looking very closely at how we can elevate opinions of members - if lots of people thinks a particular piece of content sucks, we can do something about it. Conversation, not condescension :-)

That's the spirit! Best of luck and thanks for the comment, Matt.

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