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Ye Olde Second Liffe commences c. 1600 AD

Another brilliant post from Bivings - someone in Indiana is building a virtual version of Shakespeare's world.

Virtual gaming fever has hit the MacArthur Foundation, resulting in the philanthropic organization awarding Indiana University professor Edward Castronova a $240,000 grant to build a Second Life -esque virtual world fashioned after the plays of Shakespeare. The project, entitled "Arden: The World of Shakespeare," is meant to let Castronova and his research team delve into online behaviors by conducting ongoing social experiments online.

In an article by CNET's Daniel Terdiman, the professor explains that the early designs are influenced by a "Richard III" theme, which gives designers and prospective gamers the necessary historical context needed to spark the imagination.



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I not comments.

I was knowing this progrma for intermério of a Brazilian magazine “Galileu”. My written English not good, but I wait not to have difficulties to communicate itself.

quero fz parte

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