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Verizon starts a public affairs blog

US telecom blue chip Verizon has started a group blog with contributors including some of it's senior communicators and public affairs people about public policy in the US affecting the telecom sector.

Charlene Li of Forrester says:

I thought this was quite smart of Verizon -- to start blogging in an area where it has a clear position on a topic, and where there will be plenty of discussion and engagement. It remains to be seen how the blog will shape up, as there are initially nine bloggers on the profile page.


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Verizon will need more than a Blog to build up a public relation if they treat their customers the way they treated me. On December 28 I a was scheduled to get FIOS for TV, telephone, and internet. The tech had called the day before and said he would be out some time between 8 and 12. At 12 I call the number on my contract and was told there was a problem on my service contract. They did not know what the probem was but would talk to their supervisor and call me back. At 2:30 we had not heard back and my wife called the number that Verizon had given her and explained that we were scheduled for installation and Verison had not arrived and that I had called at noon and was told that I would get a call back but had not been. The person on the line said she could not help us but would transfer my wife to her supervisor. When she was connected to the supervisor the only thing we heard was "My name is " and then they hung up. My wife recalled and went through the entire event again requesting that she not be hung up again. She got a supervisor and had to got through the event again. She was given another number and was told to ask for a supervior. She called this number, got a supervisor and learned that Verison had rescheduled the installation for the end of January on December 20. No one had informed us of this change and I had already decided I would not use another vacation day waiting for a Verison installation team that may or may not show up. We canceled our FIOS and called ATT and arranged to have our service change back to ATT since I did not want to chance being with service for 30 or more days because Verison could not honor their contract. The entire event cost me over $500 ($450 for a vacation day and $65 to change back to ATT). This is one the worst I have ever been treated by a company. I am doing everything I can to get the word out so hopefully someone else will not have to go through this ordeal.

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