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Tesco launches own-brand alternatives to Microsoft software

You might know that you can download alternatives to Microsoft Office for the price of your bandwidth, but lots of other people don't. Many more aren't really sure how much they can trust brands they - not being techies - have never heard of, like Open Office.

But they've heard of Tesco, the UK's biggest supermarket.

So now Tesco will be boxing up and selling CD-Roms of six applications - no word on what they will be - including office and security software from about £20.

Sounds like a very good idea. 

From the Telegraph and Reuters.



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I'm an Open Office fan, so will definitely check out Tesco's offering.

It's the kind of move that, like 'em ot not, puts Tesco at the head of the mass retail in the UK.

We use Open Office at home, but it's a bugger if you work from home then forget to save documents into Office format before sending them onto people!

I cannot wait until the poor buggers on customer service desks in Tesco stores start getting support calls about how to insert a table in their word processing document.

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